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Since 1988, Audley Shoes London provides women with a very particular and independent fashion and design vision. Audley Shoes are loaded with a great personality. A place where design, comfort and style come together to offer naturalness and well-being that every woman desires.

Spring&Summer 2014

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"Recognising Footwear as an Expression"

Audley Shoes presents its new Spring Summer 2014 Collection, a total overhaul of the brand language because rather than fashion, Audley has wished to talk about style as a form of communication and expression. The style for Audley is to assume a position towards life, defending the vision that each and every one of has of the world depending on our own experiences and what surrounds us. In this way, in the times we live in, perhaps today more than ever before, we argue that style is not related with colours or heel heights; but rather, it has far more to do with remaining true to yourself.


Audley believes that there is a shore to fit each and every moment, as well as for every personal situation and this collection is an attempt to create designs that can be adapted to these times in our lives. 

However, concurrently, the collection wishes to reveal the creative expression of the brand; Audley expresses its personality in each shoe.

… because this season, Audley is vindicating its language and its eclectic personality that brings together artistic, technical and architectonic elements.


Innovation based on Tradition

In this Spring-Summer collection, Audley has set out to make innovation one of the most important features and this has come through in many of its designs. Innovation as regards the combination, use and treatment of materials in the same shoe; unconventional mixtures which, in some cases, create futuristic style models. Innovation underlying which there is great deal of research and experimentation of new creative possibilities. 

In this collection, Audley has created new shoes which go beyond fashion and trends, to the purest Audley London style.

Innovation is always backed up by traditional manufacturing though which takes care of the details. Craftsmanship so that at each of the stages of the shoe creation processes, no value nor quality is lost. 

Rebelliousness and Daring

In this collection Audley boldly puts forward designs that bring out its more creative, rebellious side. The urban style strongly marks this season at Audley, but adding its own vision to produce energy-packed designs. This summer Audley is daring and it wants us to be daring too.


Romanticism and Femininity

Many designs are artistic expressions seeking evocation, taking us to peaceful places. It is not common that on seeing some of these shoes, our mind is whisked away to a peaceful walk in the park on a spring afternoon. Makeup coloured shoes with subtle, delicate openworks which allow the woman's skin to peek through.

Softness and sweetness in some designs, strength and energy in others; and elegance and personality are always in attendance.

Colours, shapes and textures

Within Audley's eclecticism, for this Spring Summer 2014 we can find the use of bright, energetic colours characteristic of summer, but also dark or makeup tones. 

The interplay of opposites is ever present.

Combinations of browns and dark, over saturated greens which bring to mind the colours of Nature, treated in different textures and velvety textures are heavily in evidence for the summer.





Color, Color...

Red is never far away in any of the Audley collections and this time is no exception. Bright, intense reds on different types of leathers.

The nude colour and white stand out strongly in this collection to express the more romantic, delicate side of Audley.

The soft forms are intertwined with geometric ones, the brand's distinguishing feature; however, this this summer, and in its particular exploration of new possibilities, Audley has presented blunt shapes, without any angles or sharp edges.












Loafers, sandals, ankle boots...

Audley covers every option, including loafers, closed-toe shoes and sandals of the Peep Toe type; although, this season includes summer or in-between season ankle boots, of course, reinvented by the brand with an innovative use of materials. 

We can find all kinds of platforms and heights, flat sandals for those warm days and medium heels; the medium heel is a well-accepted trend thanks to the great comfort it provides: style and design based on comfort.

And as always, functionality, convenience and comfort; way ahead of any trend or fashion: light TPU and crepe soles, microporous platforms resistant to wear and tear and antislip, heels made to last, flexible materials like nappa, long-lasting caps, special insoles...

In this Spring Summer Collection 2014, Audley is expressing itself and being bold; rebellious, yet, rest-assured, as there is a shoe to fit any moment.

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Audley Shoes and the Art of walking

Audley's shoes have in mind these women who like to bring a touch of originality in dress but don’t want to sacrifice comfort. Women that really appreciate well-being. Our brand respects natural form of walking, as a main brand value, achieved through the constant pursuit of the quality of our shoes. Quality determined by designs that reflect the best tradition of British and European design, main feature of the nature of Audley Shoes and incorporated into each of their creations. Creative essence, architectural essence. Plus design, quality and comfort.




Created in London, made in Spain

In their DNA, Audley's shoes have "double personality". On the one hand, "Created in London" means that our shoes has been designed in the best English creative tradition. Second, Audley Shoes area manufactured in Spain, with all the quality that gives spanish long tradition of craftsmanship, know-how in manufacturing shoes; that "made in Spain" that contains an entire centuries-old culture dedicated to the manufacture of footwear. History that is channeled in each Audley Shoes seam.

Based on classic English design styles and the know-how and craftsmanship of what was done in Spain, Audley reflects the latest trends, adding a unique style. The choice of designs and materials, careful manufacturing system and strict quality control to submit all our products, Audley Shoes becomes unique pieces: last generation materials and details wich get the difference. All this makes the difference and makes us unique.


Creative, essence, architectural essence

Audley shoes is true to the Bauhaus principle by which the form follows function. Functionality, comfort and... Beauty, through attention to details, like play with asymmetry, shapes, textures and colors, amazing details. Beauty and ability to surprise, perhaps this is Art.

Audley Shoes are for women that are seeking comfort and a different look marked by differentiation through design. All elements of our shoes are designed to give women comfort and well-being: TPU or crepe floors, microporous platforms, heels, ... elements that give strength and flexibility.

Beauty... to be worn
Beauty and functionalism equally as Audley’s great achievement bet. Audley shoes reinvent classic styles. Innovation and originality permeate all designs through the use of color and shapes, creating textures that invite to touch and feel, bringing shoes to an emotional experience. Reinvented classicism reflected in shoes where elegance is not incompatible with modern urban-active lifestyle.
Audley believes that distinction is a value that can accompany women throughout the day.
"Audley Shoes are made for walking, for living"