In Audley Shoes Online Store, “customer service” is not an empty cliché...

We truly care about women around the world who choose Audley Shoes. That who understand the unique combination of design, quality, comfort and expertise behind every pair of our shoes. Our online store and customer service was created as a vehicle for direct communication between Audley and fans of the brand, women with clear ideas, with a very personal vision of fashion, who love their shoes and repeat collection brand after collection, season after season.
The experience have become very satisfactory: Audley Shoes really listen to their fan, and they speak loud and clear. We receive queries about styles, sizes, colors, availability, about where to purchase Audley’s, on how much they value the brand... and our customer service department makes of it an unique, grateful experience, very personal and close: we deal with small resolve doubts about fit, carvings, doubts how to do online shopping, or on when you will receive your new Audley… at last, conversations that are our best marketing experience.
In short, Audley Shoes takes seriously the brand online shopping experience: in this sense we have renewed our website, now more visual, with photographs of the shoes bigger, more usable, adaptable to mobile devices, giving all the importance to the wearer: our clients.

We are very close to you...

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